If 4.12 L of a 0.850 M H_3PO_4 solution is be diluted to a volume of 10.00 L, what is the...


If {eq}4.12 \ L {/eq} of a {eq}0.850 \ M \ H_3PO_4 {/eq} solution is be diluted to a volume of {eq}10.00 \ L {/eq}, what is the concentration the resulting solution?

Dilution Equation:

In general chemistry, the dilution equation is used to relate the concentration and the amount of the chemical compounds. According to the dilution equation, the product of initial concentration and volume is equal to the product of final concentration and volume.

Answer and Explanation: 1

Given data:

  • The amount of {eq}{H_3}P{O_4} {/eq} is {eq}{V_1} = 4.12\;{\rm{L}} {/eq}
  • The concentration of {eq}{H_3}P{O_4} {/eq} is {eq}{M_1} = 0.850\;{\rm{M}} {/eq}
  • The volume of the solution is {eq}{V_2} = 10\;{\rm{L}} {/eq}

Write the expression for the dilution equation:

{eq}{M_1}{ V _1} = {M_2}{V_2} {/eq}

Substitute the known data into the above equation to calculate the concentration of the resulting solution.

{eq}\begin{align*} 0.850\;{\rm{M}} \times 4.12\;{\rm{L}} &= {M_2} \times 10\;{\rm{L}}\\ {M_2} &= 0.35\;{\rm{M}} \end{align*} {/eq}

Thus, the concentration of the resulting solution is {eq}0.35\;{\rm{M}} {/eq}.

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