If 3.5 L of a 4.8 M SrCl_2 solution is diluted to 45 L, what is the molarity of the diluted...


If 3.5 L of a 4.8 M SrCl{eq}_2 {/eq} solution is diluted to 45 L, what is the molarity of the diluted solution?

Dilution of Solution:

A very common way to describe the concentration of a solute (dissolved substance) in a solution (homogeneous mixture) in chemistry is by its molarity. The molarity has units of {eq}\rm mol/L {/eq}, describing the dissolved solute moles present in a 1 liter solution volume. Based on these units, the solute molarity will change if you add more liquid solvent, but without changing the solute moles present. This procedure of decreasing the solute molarity values is one example of dilution.

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This is an aqueous solution where strontium chloride is the solute. The 4.8 M solution is the stock and we need the solute moles from its given...

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