If 26.35 mL of 0.2473 M HCl is diluted to 250.0 mL, what is the concentration of the diluted...


If {eq}\rm 26.35\ mL {/eq} of {eq}\rm 0.2473\ M\ HCl {/eq} is diluted to {eq}\rm 250.0\ mL {/eq}, what is the concentration of the diluted solution?

Dilution of Solution:

A solution can be prepared from starting pure solute and liquid solvent materials. For example, we can prepare a solution starting from solid sodium chloride and liquid water. Alternatively, we can prepare a solution by diluting an existing one. The existing solution must have the same solute and solvent components, as well as have a higher solute molarity than what is desired in the new solution. This new solution is a diluted version and the original (existing) solution is the stock version. We dilute the stock solution by adding more pure liquid solvent. The solute moles are unchanged. An identical number of solute moles in a larger diluted solution volume means that the diluted solute molarity must be smaller.

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This is an aqueous solution where HCl is the solute. The 0.2473 M solution is the stock. We define the following given values:

{eq}\rm stock \...

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