If 20.00 mL of a solution that contains oxalate ion requires 10.00 mL of 0.020 M MnO_4^- solution...


If {eq}\rm 20.00\ mL {/eq} of a solution that contains oxalate ion requires {eq}\rm 10.00\ mL {/eq} of {eq}\rm 0.020\ M\ MnO_4^- {/eq} solution in a titration, what was the molarity of the oxalate solution?

{eq}\rm 5C_2O_4^{2-} + 2MnO_4^- + 12H^+ \to 2Mn^{2+} + 10CO_2 + 8 H_2O {/eq}.


Molarity is the number of moles of a compound that is dissolved in a solvent such as water. It is measured in the units {eq}molL^{-1} {/eq}. To state the molarity of compound, we use the letter M, for example, 0.3M NaCl solution

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To solve this question, we must first find the number of moles, {eq}n(MnO_4^-) {/eq} of Permanganate used:

{eq}n(MnO_4^-) = c(MnO_4^-)*v(MnO_4^-) =...

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