Identify four components of a firm's organization that are relevant to the question of...


Identify four components of a firm's organization that are relevant to the question of organization and discuss what role they play in building a competitive advantage.


It means some group of people working together to achieve a common purpose, such as a company, an association, or an institute. Also, the organization is the one who motivates their team member at each stage of their work so the team member can work dedicatedly.

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Components of a firm's organization are given below:


It is an activity that needs to be achieved within a certain time to complete the project-related. Goals. Their role is to help in complete work more efficiently.


The human part or workforce of an organization performs different strategies in the organization. The workforce of an organization plays a very important role. They work hard to their level best and achieve the goals within the given deadline.


The basic arrangement of a team member in the organization summarizes how specific activities are organized to achieve a particular target. This role of structure is to arrange or find a team member for the best job.


It is the study, techniques, and tools from applying scientific knowledge to perform and transform the inputs in products and services. The role of the technology system is to improve the organization's work. Such as the internet and computer to speed up the workflow.

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