Identify and explain any TWO of the biological characteristics in which employees differ and...


Identify and explain any TWO of the biological characteristics in which employees differ and explain any two characteristics' effect on organizational behavior in the United States.

Biological Characteristics:

The human race can be grouped based on the environment of origin based on physical characteristics such as hair color, sex, skin, or movement. Biological characteristics can either be passive or active and have a significant effect on how society interacts.

Answer and Explanation:

In an organization, individuals have different biological characteristics. Some of the factors that differentiate the employees in the workplace include gender and age. In an organization, an employee can be either male or female. Additionally, both the male and the female gender have equal responsibilities in decision-making, motivation, and analytical skills. In the last two decades, the roles played by women and men have changed. Both women and men can be leaders in different organizations in the United States. Different organizations have adopted policies that fight against discrimination based on one's sex.

Age is another characteristic that helps to differentiate people in the workplace. Job performance and employee age have no relationship despite believing that young people are more productive than older people. Organizations tend to think that the satisfaction of a given job tends to increase as individuals age. Hence the lower employee turnover from the older employees as compared to the young employees. Organizations in the United States promote age diversity since it's a recipe for increased performance.

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