Identify and discuss the five organizational forms of Mintzberg's framework. What will be an...


Identify and discuss the five organizational forms of Mintzberg's framework. What will be an ideal response?

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure depicts how operations and business activities are aligned with organizational goals. Organizational structures show the roles, associated tasks, and identifies management to establish a chain of command. Business expert, Henry Mintzberg, identified five organizational forms that organizations can take.

Answer and Explanation:

Mintzberg's assessment of organizational structure resulted in five specific organizational forms based on the combination of their strategy and organizational structure. The five organizational forms are Machine, Entrepreneurial, Divisional, Professional, and Innovative.

The machine form is referred to as machine due to its standardized make up. In this organizational form, the organization works within parameters, much like a machine, and each part working with one another. Leadership is explicitly stated and formalized. The entrepreneurial form is vertical in terms of hierarchy and communication, with minimal formal standards. Divisional form works best for firms with diversified outputs. These divisions tend to work autonomously along with their division members. The professional form is established in a corporate governance, but allows for some autonomy. The requirements for an expected outcome are standardized and positions are earned through ability. The innovative form is quite the opposite. The entrepreneurial form offers more flexibility to encourage creative thought regardless of the scenario. Groups can work without direct leadership and lean on each other for solvency.

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