How would you prepare 120 mL of a {eq}5 \% {/eq} w/v NaOH solution?


How would you prepare 120 mL of a {eq}5 \% {/eq} w/v NaOH solution?

Concentrations of Solutions:

In the field of chemistry, it is important to know the definition of each unit of concentration for solutions. It is important to know how to define the given unit of concentration since it will give us information on the components needed to prepare a given solution. For the given solution, it is expressed in percent mass per volume. The given 5% w/v NaOH solution is equal to 5 grams of NaOH per 100 mL of the solution.

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In order to know how to prepare the 120 mL of a 5% w/v NaOH solution, we need to determine first the mass of NaOH solution needed for the solution. We...

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