How were wounds treated in feudal Japan?


How were wounds treated in feudal Japan?

Feudalism in Japan:

Feudalism is an act that was practiced in medieval Japan, and it describes a relationship that involved exchanging land ownership and land use for military services. The relationship mainly existed between the lords and vassals and could also be used to acquire loyalty from the military.

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In feudal Japan, wounds were treated using herbs and traditional methods. People knew that there was a need to clean and treat wounds during those times, but they did not have appropriate reasons for everything they did or complete knowledge on the herbs they used to treat their wounds. Some of the significant ingredients for their treatments included honey, which was used as an antibacterial medicine that helped kill and prevent germs from entering the wound. Also, honey was used when getting rid of the arrowhead, closing the wound, and helped in healing the wounds faster. Additionally, they used maggots to remove damaged skin tissues, which would help heal the wound more quickly and efficiently. Treatment manuals and surgical manuals were introduced to help cater to severe cases, such as skull issues, as time moved on.

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