How many mitochondria are in a stomach cell?


How many mitochondria are in a stomach cell?

The Number Of Mitochondria in a Stomach Cell

Mitochondria are the membrane -bound cell organelles which are used to generate chemical energy that is used to power the biochemical reactions of cells of the body.

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In the stomach, mitochondria give energy to different cells through Oxidative Phosphorylation which is a technique that maintains the proper morphology and function of gastric Mucosa. To provide the necessary energy to the stomach, its cells are rich in mitochondria with around three (3-5) in number. This mitochondria cell has the ATP that synthase subunits about 6 and 8, the constituents of the F0 part of this enzyme, which is encoded by mitochondrial DNA separately, control the synthesis of ATP by linking the proton transfer. But, the relationship between OFR and alternation of mitochondrial ultra-microstructure and interferes with gastric mucosal energy metabolism are obscure. The rich of carbohydrates in mitochondria correlates with the functions of the stomach cells. The investigative staining is compared for parietal cells and other cells in the stomach to assess mitochondrial complex carbohydrate in cells in bigger functions. Because of this difference that is met in the carbohydrate cytochemistry of mitochondria in parietal as compared to other gastric cells.

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