How many kinds of mental models are there?


How many kinds of mental models are there?

Cognitive Psychology:

Cognitive psychology can be defined as a scientific discipline that focuses its effort to examine the components and function of our cognition. It discusses various topics such as learning, consciousness, memory, and mental model.

Answer and Explanation:

The answer to this question depends on the definition of mental models. If mental models are defined as our cognitive representation of reality, then the answer is infinity. Each person can have a different mental model that describes the same object. If mental models are defined as descriptions of how our cognition works, the answer is a lot. There is currently no complete account of the quantities of mental models that have been proposed. Some examples of these models are the global workspace model of consciousness, the Biederman's recognition-by-components theory, Bruce and Young's model of faces recognition, and Baddeley's working memory system/model.

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