How many grams of Na_2CO_3 are present in 29.5 ml of a solution that is 31.0 % Na_2CO_3 by mass?...


How many grams of {eq}Na_2CO_3 {/eq} are present in 29.5 ml of a solution that is 31.0 % {eq}Na_2CO_3 {/eq} by mass? The density of the solution is 1.15 g/ml.


Density is a parameter that any existing substance possesses. The density of a substance is defined as the quotient obtained when a sample mass is divided by the volume the sample occupies. As it turns out, this ratio is always constant for any given substance. The density of a given substance is unique to that substance, and can serve as a conversion factor between mass and volume.

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  • {eq}\displaystyle \rm V = 29.5\ mL {/eq} is the volume of the solution
  • {eq}\displaystyle \rm \eta = 31\% = 0.31 {/eq} is the percentage...

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