How many grams of Na_2CO_3 are needed to prepare 25.0 ml of a 2.00 % (m / v) Na_2CO_3? How would...


How many grams of {eq}Na_2CO_3 {/eq} are needed to prepare {eq}25.0 \ ml {/eq} of a {eq}2.00 \ \% \ (m / v) \ Na_2CO_3 {/eq}? How would you prepare?

Concentration Calculations:

Percentage (%) concentration is a satisfactory way of telling the solution's concentration and it can be done as "(m/v)%, (v/v)% or (m/m)%." This also helps us in predicting the solute's mass, using one of these percentage values, and given solution's volume/mass.

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Given Data:

  • The volume of solution is 25 mL.
  • The m/v percentage is 2.0 %.

2.00 % (m/v) of sodium carbonate suggests that 2 grams of sodium...

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