How many chloride ions are present in 65.5 mL of 0.210 M {eq}AlCl_3 {/eq} solution?


How many chloride ions are present in 65.5 mL of 0.210 M {eq}AlCl_3 {/eq} solution?

Salt Compound Molarity:

Liquid water is a highly polar substance that prefers to solvate solute species containing polar covalent bonds, or even better net positive/negative charges. Ionic (salt) compounds are made of particles with net charges, so they all have solubility in liquid water to some extent. The compound is the solute and so it can be assigned a molarity value (mol/L, M). A salt compound dissolves in water by dissociating its solid crystal structure. An aqueous phase is formed of the constituent ions solvated by water molecules. Each ion has a molarity and it is related to the compound molarity. Any molarity can be used in combination with a known solution volume to find a corresponding molar quantity.

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This is an aqueous solution where aluminum chloride (a salt compound) is the solute. First we need the moles of aluminum chloride that are dissolved,...

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