How do you take individual perceptions into consideration in conflict management?


How do you take individual perceptions into consideration in conflict management?

Individual Perception:

Every individual registers the environment around them and reacts to the environmental stimuli in a different way. This psychological and cognitive process of reacting to the external environment is what the concept of individual perception is all about.

Answer and Explanation:

An organization is a complex environment wherein individuals from different backgrounds come together to work. This is why there is a chance for conflicts to occur among them as well. This is where conflict management comes in. Managers resolve conflict among employees and departments with the help of different conflict management methods. However, each manager or any other individual resolving the conflict will have their own individual perception about the conflict, which might lead to biases or irregularities in seeing the situation as it is.

Individual perception of the manager has to be kept at bay and the following points can be considered while dealing with the same:

  • Be open to the individual perception of others. It is crucial to talk openly to the individuals engaged in the conflict and bridge any gap in communication among them. The conflict resolver must take into consideration the issue from the point of view of the reach of the individuals involved in the conflict to get a clear and unbiased idea of the problem.
  • Try to appreciate and understand the individual perception of others rather than dismissing them entirely. Even if it does not make sense from one's own point of view, the other person may find it meaningful.

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