How do conflict mechanisms impact decision-making?


How do conflict mechanisms impact decision-making?


A conflict can be defined as a disagreement or lack of understanding between two or more people or groups. There are various causes of conflicts, including lack of a common background, the difference in beliefs, the difference in understanding a particular situation, and a difference in thinking and opinions.

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Conflict mechanisms impact decision-making by creating an environment that gives rise to or generates new ideas that are considered essential for decision making. Decision-making can be defined as a process of choosing the best alternative from a range of other alternatives. Conflict mechanisms refer to the conflict resolution processes, procedures, and acts. Through conflict mechanisms, the groups merge again and develop ideas to help them work together better than before. They also develop ideas on how to help each other grow or achieve their targets. Since the members have different skills and knowledge, there will be better, more effective, and improved alternatives to various problems, hence better decision making.

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