How did Queen Isabella of France die?


How did Queen Isabella of France die?

Queen Isabella of France:

Queen Isabella of France was a noblewoman born to King Phillip IV of France in 1295. Isabella became Queen of England in 1308 at the age of 13 following her marriage to King Edward II for political reasons.

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It is not clear how Queen Isabella of France died and for what reason. She died on August 22, 1358, at Hertford Castle in Hertfordshire, England at the age of 63. As 63 was quite an advanced age at the time, she likely died of natural causes.

Her remains were interred at the Greyfriars church in London where other nobles such as Marguerite of France and Joan of Scotland were buried. She was buried with the attire that she had worn during her wedding to King Edward II. The grave got lost as the Greyfriars church was completely destroyed when it was bombed in World War II.

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