How did Carl Jung induce hallucinations?


How did Carl Jung induce hallucinations?

Carl Jung and Hallucinations:

Carl Jung is noted as one of the founders of analytical psychology, along with Sigmund Freud. At the age of 38, he began to experience schizophrenic-like episodes where he would hear voices in his head and see disturbing visions of things that were not real. He became intrigued by what he was experiencing, and felt the need to study these hallucinations.

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Carl Jung wanted to explore his hallucinations further when they occurred, so he sought to induce them on his own. It was thought that he induced his own hallucinations through the use of drugs; however, Jung would go into his office alone and completely relax, letting the visions and voices appear on their own. He made sure to keep a completely open mind to anything that presented itself, which allowed him to fall deeper and deeper into these hallucinations. He referred to his experiences as "active imaginations" in his writings about these experiences.

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