How can someone learn to speak standard American English like a native?


How can someone learn to speak standard American English like a native?

English As a Second Language:

Just because someone does not speak English like a native does not mean that they can not speak English well. Some of the greatest writers in the English language were not native speakers of the language. Two examples are Joseph Conrad and Karen Blixen.

Answer and Explanation:

This depends on a person's age. Usually, if a person is younger than 10, they will naturally learn to speak a language that they are continually exposed to. However, the older one gets, the more difficult it becomes to learn a language naturally, and to lose one's accent. If you are a teenager or adult, the best way to improve your accent is to listen to people who are native speakers and to try and replicate the sounds that they make. Use English continually, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Also, ask native speakers how to pronounce a word. Here are some other helpful hints on how to pronounce English more like a native:

  • Watch the news, and turn on the closed-captioning options, so that you can see they words spelled out as they are spoken.
  • Buy some audio books, so you can hear native English speakers speaking slowly.
  • Try to make friends and ask them to help you pronounce your words and sentences properly.

These steps should work regardless of whether you are a fast learner, or if learning foreign languages does not come naturally to you.

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