How are vacuoles like storage bins?


How are vacuoles like storage bins?

Features of Cells

Eukaryotic cells make up many living things, such as plants and animals. They are complex structures, with many different features and organelles working together for the overall health of the organism.

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A vacuole is a feature of a eukaryotic cell that is often compared to a storage bin. This is because vacuoles are open, enclosed spaces that are used for storage for the cell. Just like an empty storage bin can be filled with a variety of things to keep for later, a vacuole is similar in that it is a space available for the cell to hold things. Both plant and animal cells contain vacuoles. Vacuoles in plant cells are much larger than those in animal cells.

Vacuoles can hold different substances. For example, a vacuole in a plant cell is used to store water that it might need for later. Plant cell vacuoles can be very large and full. Vacuoles can also hold food molecules, or waste products to be transported out of the cell later.

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