How are transcription and replication similar?


How are transcription and replication similar?

Importance of DNA:

DNA is the genetic material of the cell. It holds all the information needed to code for our traits in the form of short sections called genes. Each gene codes for a protein that helps give us our traits, such as hair color or eye color.

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Transcription and replication are similar because they both use DNA as a template and produce a complementary strand of nucleic acids. In transcription, DNA is read by RNA polymerase and a new complementary strand of messenger RNA is synthesized. During replication, DNA polymerase reads the DNA and creates an exact copy of the DNA molecule. In replication, this DNA stays in the nucleus and will eventually be distributed to a new daughter cell during mitosis. During transcription however, the messenger RNA will leave the nucleus to go to the cytoplasm where it can participate in translation to make proteins.

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