Given that y = \frac {1}{2-x} is a solution of the IVP y' - y^2 = 0, y(1) = 1 Find the largest...


Given that {eq}y = \frac {1}{2-x} {/eq} is a solution of the IVP

{eq}y' - y^2 = 0 {/eq}, {eq}y(1) = 1 {/eq}

Find the largest interval of the solution.

Finding Interval of Solution

The question provides us a solution of a first order ordinary differential equation (ODE) with an initial condition (IC) that comprises an initial value problem (IVP). Looking at the solution and the IC we determine the largest interval where a solution of the IVP exists.

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Since the solution is given as

{eq}\displaystyle y=\frac {1}{2-x} \qquad (1) {/eq}

we note from (1) that owing to division by zero, {eq}x \ne...

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