George wants to know how many boxes of chocolate bars he needs to sell for $25.00 to break even....


1. George wants to know how many boxes of chocolate bars he needs to sell for $25.00 to break even. He estimates fixed operating costs of $12,500 per year and variable operating costs of $15 per box.

How many boxes must he sell to break even on operating costs?

2. George incorporates, issues 1,000 shares of common stock and declares dividends of $2 per share for the first year. He estimates his growth rate at 3% and required return is 5%.

How much is his company worth?

3. The Board of Directors of George's corporation declares a dividend to shareholders of record on Thursday April 30, 2015. When is the last day you can purchase stock in George's corporation and still receive the dividend?

Break-Even Analysis:

The break-even point (BEP) is the point where a company earns no profit and incurs no loss; it's calculated as: BEP = Fixed cost / Contribution Per Unit. A company's worth is the total value of the organization on a given date; it's usually computed by multiplying the outstanding shares by the market price of the stock.

Answer and Explanation: 1

Part 1

  • Break even point in units = Fixed cost / Contribution per unit
  • Contribution per unit = Selling price - variable cost
  • Contribution per unit = $25 - $15 = $10
  • Given fixed costs = $12,500
  • Break even point (units) = $12,500 / $10 = 1,250 units

Hence, George is required to sell 1,250 units in order to break even.

Part 2

Here we need to compute the value/price of the stock first.

Stock Value = Dividends per share (DPS) / (Required return - Growth rate)

Stock Value = $2 / (5% - 3%) = $100

Company's worth = 1,000 shares * $100 per share = $100,000

Part 3

In order to qualify for a dividend receipt, one should buy the stock three days before the record date, which is April 27, 2015, as April 30, 2015, is the record date.

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