For the unbalanced equation, Al + O_2 \to Al_2O_3, a) If 21.0 moles of oxygen gas react, how...


For the unbalanced equation, {eq}Al + O_2 \to Al_2O_3, {/eq}

a) If {eq}21.0 {/eq} moles of oxygen gas react, how many moles of aluminum will react with this oxygen?

b) If we use {eq}3.0 {/eq} grams of aluminum, how many grams of aluminum oxide will be produced when enough oxygen gas is present?

Stoichiometric Ratio:

Stoichiometry ratio is used to determine the amount of one chemical species, either product or reactant, relative to the amount of other chemical species. The stoichiometric ratio is simply the theoretical ratio of chemical species based on balance chemical reaction.

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To calculate the (a) moles of aluminium that will react with oxygen, and (b) the mass of aluminium oxide generated, the reaction must first be...

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