For each confirmatory precipitate (PbCl_2, CuS, ZnS, and CaCO_3), write a net ionic equation for...


For each confirmatory precipitate ({eq}PbCl_2 {/eq}, CuS, ZnS, and {eq}CaCO_3 {/eq}), write a net ionic equation for the formation of the precipitate.

Net-Ionic Equation:

The simplest way to express the formation of a precipitate is by using net-ionic equations. A net-ionic equation only consists of the ions involved in precipitate formation. It can be determined by writing the molecular and complete ionic equations. These complete equations also include the spectator ions. Once the precipitate has been identified, we can omit writing the spectator ions to establish the net-ionic equation.

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We can write the net-ionic equation for each reaction by writing the constituent ions on the reactants and the solid precipitate on the product....

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