For a cost function C = 100 + 10Q + Q2, the average variable cost of producing 20 units of output...


For a cost function {eq}C = 100 + 10Q + Q^2 {/eq}, the average variable cost of producing 20 units of output is:

a. 10.

b. 20.

c. 30.

d. none of the above.

The Cost Function:

In economics, the cost function shows the minimum cost that can be incurred in the production of a given quantity of output. In the short-run, the cost function includes the variable component as well as the fixed component. In the long-run, all inputs are variables, and the firm's long-run cost function is variable.

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The answer is: c. 30.

The total cost is calculated as:

  • {eq}\begin{align} TC = VC + FC \end{align} {/eq}


  • VC is the variable cost and,
  • F...

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