Find the seventh term of the following sequence. 40, 0.4, 0.004, ...


Find the seventh term of the following sequence.

40, 0.4, 0.004, ...

Geometric Sequence:

A geometric sequence is a set of numbers that follows a pattern of multiplication or division. These sets have a distinct starting point, and all other values are related by a common ratio. That is to say that each subsequent number in the sequence equals the previous number times the common ratio. We can find any given value in the sequence if we have the starting value and the common ratio. The equation for this is:

{eq}\rm a_n = a_1 (r)^{n-1} {/eq}


  • n is the number location in the sequence.
  • {eq}a_n {/eq} is the term in the n spot.
  • {eq}a_1 {/eq} is the first term in the sequence.
  • r is the common ratio.

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First, we must find the common ration of the sequence. We can do this with any two proceeding terms. We know a given term is the previous term times...

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