Find the indefinite integral. {eq}\displaystyle \int cos \ 4x \ dx {/eq}


Find the indefinite integral. {eq}\displaystyle \int cos \ 4x \ dx {/eq}

Integral of a Trigonometric Function:

By solving an integral of a trigonometric function, we are finding an antiderivative of that function. In other words, we must obtain another trigonometric function, that by calculating its derivative, we obtain the function that is being integrated. With the help of integration formulas and knowing the derivatives of the trigonometric functions and using simple substitutions, we can solve the integral of a standard trigonometric function.

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{eq}\eqalign{ & {\text{Let's solve the following indefinite integral }}\int {\cos \left( {4x} \right)} dx{\text{:}} \cr & {\text{Applying...

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