Find the indefinite integral {eq}\int \frac {(\frac {5^3}{x} - (x^8 + 9)^{\frac {1}{3}} )}{ 3x^2} dx {/eq}


Find the indefinite integral {eq}\int \frac {(\frac {5^3}{x} - (x^8 + 9)^{\frac {1}{3}} )}{ 3x^2} dx {/eq}

Simpson Rule:

We can know the approximate value of a definite integral using the Simpson Rule. In the same sense, this rule is one of the exact ones within the other rules used for approximation of integrals like Trapezoidal and Midpoint Rule.

The Simpson's {eq}\frac{1}{3} {/eq} Rule is given by:

{eq}\displaystyle \int_a^{b} f(x) dx= \frac{h}{3}* [ f(x_0) +4 f(x_1)+ f(x_2) ] \\ {/eq}

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The integral {eq}\displaystyle \int \frac {(\frac {5^3}{x} - (x^8 + 9)^{\frac {1}{3}} )}{ 3x^2} dx {/eq} has no real solution. To find the solution,...

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