Find the indefinite integral int 2 sec y (tan y- sec y) dy a. 2 sec y tan y + C b. 2 sec y - tan...


Find the indefinite integral {eq}\int 2 sec y (tan y- sec y) dy\\ a. 2 sec y tan y + C\\ b. 2 sec y - tan y + C\\ c. 2 sec y + tan y + C\\ d. 2 + 2 sec + C\\ e. 2 sec y tan y - 2 sec y + C\\ {/eq}


The given indefinite integral is simple to eavaluate. Here, we will make use of the basic rules and formulae of the integral calculus. Integral formulae used here are: {eq}\begin{align*}\int (\sec x \tan x) \ dx= \sec x + c, \ \ \ \ \int \sec^2 x \ dx= \tan x + c \end{align*} {/eq}.

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Given {eq}\int 2 \sec y (\tan y- \sec y) \ dy {/eq}

Simplifying and Integrating the above, we get:

{eq}\begin{align*} \ & = 2 \int (\sec y \tan...

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