Find the {eq}f'(x) {/eq} for {eq}f(x) = \frac{2x^3}{x} - \frac {3x}{x} + {1}{x} {/eq}


Find the {eq}f'(x) {/eq} for {eq}f(x) = \frac{2x^3}{x} - \frac {3x}{x} + {1}{x} {/eq}

Derivative of Functions:

We apply derivatives to functions or expressions to acquire their rates of change. If the value is non-constant, we have another function that represents the rate of change. This means that we can still evaluate the rate of change and determine the instantaneous rate of change of the function or expression.

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We differentiate the given function. We do this by first simplifying the given function and then applying the derivative with the help of the...

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