Find the exact values below.

(a) {eq}\cot(7\pi / 4) {/eq}

(b) {eq}\sec(7\pi / 4) {/eq}


Find the exact values below.

(a) {eq}\cot(7\pi / 4) {/eq}

(b) {eq}\sec(7\pi / 4) {/eq}

Calculating Values of Trigonometric Functions:

We employ the following steps to calculate the values:

(i) Divide the angle by {eq}90^{\circ} {/eq}

(ii) If we get an even multiple of {eq}90^{\circ} {/eq}, the trigonometric function remains the same, otherwise, the trigonometric function gets converted into its complement and the remaining angle is written.

(iii) Next we look for the quadrant in which the given angle falls and accordingly we put the positive or negative sign.

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Part (a):

{eq}\begin{align*}\cot(\frac{7\pi}{4})& =\cot315^{\circ} \\& =\cot(3\times90^{\circ}+45^{\circ}) \\& =-\tan45^{\circ} \\&...

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