Find the exact value of

{eq}\displaystyle{ \sec \left( \dfrac{ 2}{3}\pi \right) . } {/eq}


Find the exact value of

{eq}\displaystyle{ \sec \left( \dfrac{ 2}{3}\pi \right) . } {/eq}

Trigonometric Identities:

Some of the most commonly used trigonometric Identities are as mentioned below:

{eq}\displaystyle{ \sec \left( \pi - \theta \right) = - \sec \theta \\ \sec \left( 2 \pi + \theta \right) = \sec \theta \\ } {/eq}

The above-mentioned trigonometric identities are very frequently used while simplifying any trigonometric expressions.

Answer and Explanation: 1

Using the first concept mentioned above, the given expression can be written as mentioned below:

{eq}\displaystyle{ \sec \left( \dfrac{ 2}{3}\pi \right) .= \sec \left( \pi - \dfrac{1}{3}\pi \right) = - \sec \dfrac{\pi}{3} = - 2 } {/eq}

This is the required answer.

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