Find {eq}f'(x) {/eq}.

{eq}f(x) = x \ln x {/eq}


Find {eq}f'(x) {/eq}.

{eq}f(x) = x \ln x {/eq}

Product Rule:

Product rule is used to differentiate the product of two or more functions. Let {eq}f(x) = g(x) \cdot h(x) {/eq}, then the derivative of {eq}f(x) {/eq} or {eq}f'(x) {/eq} is given by

$$f'(x) = g'(x) \cdot h(x) + h'(x) \cdot g(x). $$

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$$f\left( x \right) = x\ln x \\ $$

Differentiate the function with respect to {eq}x{/eq} using the product rule of differentiation.


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