Factor completely.

{eq}\displaystyle 12 x^2 + 12 x + 3 {/eq}


Factor completely.

{eq}\displaystyle 12 x^2 + 12 x + 3 {/eq}

Factoring Quadratic Expressions:

A quadratic expression assumes the form {eq}ax^2+bx+c {/eq}, where {eq}a,\; b, {/eq} and {eq}c {/eq} are the coefficients of {eq}x^2, \; x, {/eq} and {eq}x^0 {/eq}, respectively and {eq}a\neq 0 {/eq}. When a quadratic expression is factored, we get two expressions such that their product produces the original expression.

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Consider a general quadratic expression {eq}ax^2+bx+c {/eq}. To factor this expression, we look for two numbers {eq}m {/eq} and {eq}n {/eq} such...

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