EyeGuard Equipment Inc. (EEI) manufactures protective eyewear for use in commercial and home...


EyeGuard Equipment Inc. (EEI) manufactures protective eyewear for use in commercial and home applications. The product is also used by hunters, home woodworking hobbyists, and in other applications. The firm has two main product lines-the highest-quality product is called Safe-T, and a low-cost, value version is called Safe-V. Information on the factory conversion costs for EEI is as follows:

Factory Costs
Factory expense550,000

EEI uses ABC costing to determine the unit costs of its products. The firm uses resource consumption cost drivers based on rough estimates of the amount that each activity consumes, as shown below. EEI has four activities: job setup, assembly, inspecting and finishing, and packaging.

Setup Assembly Inspecting & Finishing Packaging Total
Supplies206020 100
Factory expense 8020 100

The activity cost drivers for the two products are summarized below.

Activities Activity Driver
Inspect and finishingHours

Safe-V Safe-T
Finishing hours, per unit0.20.3
Packaging hours, per unit0.10.15
Materials per unit$3.50$6.00

Determine the amount of the cost pool for each of the four activities.

Determine the activity-based rates for assigning factory costs to the two products.

Determine the activity-based unit cost for each of the products.

What is the strategic role of the information obtained in requirement 3?

The quantities of resource consumption cost drivers used were based on rough estimates. Under what conditions would you recommend that more accurate cost driver data be collected?

Activity Based Costing

The use of activity-based costing is a refinement of the traditional overhead cost allocation system as it results in more accurate product costs. This is achieved by tracking manufacturing overhead activities to individual products instead of allocating overhead costs using a single cost driver. It is however imperative that a company should try to weight costs and benefits of using an activity-based costing system.

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Setup Assembly Inspecting and Finishing Packaging
Salaries 127,500 467,500 170,000 85,000
Supplies 30,000 90,000 30,000 0

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