Explain organizational change and briefly discuss the three types of change.


Explain organizational change and briefly discuss the three types of change.


Organization refers to the group of individuals who are involved in attaining set objectives. An organization is a social system that consists of human relationships formal in nature. It encompasses the division of work among the employees towards achieving the ultimate goal of the company.

Answer and Explanation:

Organizational change is the series of actions taken in a company or an organization that alters its significant components. The difference can take place in the culture, technology or infrastructure.

Three types of change are: -

1. Adaptive changes refer to small, incremental changes organizations implement to address needs that evolve gradually. These are minor modifications and adjustments made to execute business strategies.

2. Transformational changes are large scale changes and cause a simultaneous shift in mission and strategy, team structure, people and business processes. These changes require a substantial amount of time and energy to implement.

3. Developmental changes are made when there is a need to make improvements in an existing situation. The entire workflow is not recreated but is instead refined to be made better.

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