Explain how managers shape organizational culture and ethical values.


Explain how managers shape organizational culture and ethical values.

Business Ethics:

Business ethics. It refers to knowing the right and the wrong in the workplace and embracing the right things to bring positive effects in an organization. These are the moral principals in which business acceptably conduct its transactions.

Answer and Explanation:

Managers shape organizational culture and ethical values by

1. Setting clear expectations. Since business culture and ethics involves communication, it is crucial for a manager to clearly state the ethical issues and culture and educate employees regarding them. Managers should offer rewards to the employees who demonstrate the set ethical behaviours in a firm.

On the other hand, the employees who do not follow ethical issues should face the consequences.

2. Being role models. A manager should be role models and make ethics part of the conversation with the employee. Managers need to make the employee understand that culture and ethics are in line with a business vision. It is, therefore, essential for the manager to align the employees with the organization culture and behaviours.

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