Evaluate the integral.

{eq}\int_{1}^{\sqrt{3}} \arctan (\frac{1}{x}) dx {/eq}


Evaluate the integral.

{eq}\int_{1}^{\sqrt{3}} \arctan (\frac{1}{x}) dx {/eq}

Integrals Definite Applying Integration by Parts:

Sometimes when we solve definite integrals of inverse trigonometric functions we find that we can apply the method of integration by parts

to calculate the antiderivative and later we evaluate the antiderivative in its upper and lower limits using Borrow's rule.

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{eq}\eqalign{ & {\text{Let's evaluate the definite integral}}\,\,\,\int_1^{\sqrt 3 } {\arctan \left( {\frac{1}{x}} \right)dx} : \cr &...

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