Evaluate {eq}\displaystyle \int \frac{3x-2}{(x+1)^2(x-3)} \ dx {/eq}.


Evaluate {eq}\displaystyle \int \frac{3x-2}{(x+1)^2(x-3)} \ dx {/eq}.


In mathematics, integration is a technique for combining or adding the parts to arrive at the total. It is a form of differentiation in reverse where we break down functions into their component elements. This technique is employed to determine the summation on a sizable scale. Small addition problem calculation is a simple task that can be completed manually or with the aid of a calculator. Integration techniques are employed for large addition problems, when the bounds potentially extend to infinity. Calculus includes both integration and differentiation, both of which are crucial.

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  • The function is {eq}\frac{3x-2}{{{\left( x+1 \right)}^{2}}\left( x-3 \right)}{/eq}.

  • The objective is to find integration of given...

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