During the drafting stage of the writing process you


During the drafting stage of the writing process you. . .

Stages of the Writing Process

The 'writing process' is made up of several stages that authors go through when writing. These stages include prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. It may be necessary to go through some of the stages more than once on your way to a final published product.

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A 'draft' is the first attempt at a writing piece. It's sometimes called the 'rough draft,' to give authors the understanding that it doesn't have to be perfect. There will be opportunities to polish the grammar, spelling, and other parts of the draft later on at other stages of the writing process.

During the drafting stage, authors write. The goal is to get down ideas and to begin to form a coherent story, poem, essay, or other writing piece. Authors build on the brainstorming and research activities they did in the prewriting stage of the writing process, and write a first copy, or 'draft' of their writing piece.

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