Draw the Lewis structure for {eq}N_2 {/eq}.


Draw the Lewis structure for {eq}N_2 {/eq}.

Lewis Structure:

A covalent molecule contains two or more atoms sharing some number of valence electron pairs through covalent bonds. The simplest molecule consists of two atoms connected by one or more covalent bonds. An example would be HCl, in which hydrogen and chlorine atoms are connected by a single H-Cl covalent bond. The number of bonds formed between the atoms depends on the number of valence electrons they originally contain. Once you determine the bond order you can draw a Lewis structure for the molecule, which describes the distribution of all valence electrons relative to the participating elemental symbols.

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The given formula corresponds to a simple diatomic covalent molecule of nitrogen. Nitrogen (N) itself contains 5 valence electrons as a main group 5A...

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