Draw the Lewis structure for H2S and provide the following information. a. electron-pair geometry...


Draw the Lewis structure for {eq}H_2S {/eq} and provide the following information.

a. electron-pair geometry

b. molecular geometry

c. hybridization of the central atom

d. dipole moment

VSEPR Theory:

The shape of a molecule is determined by the distribution of the atoms making up the molecule. The valence-shell electron-pair repulsion (VSEPR) theory describes the distribution of the different electron groups around an atom. This theory states that in arranging the different electron groups, the biggest space should be provided between two lone pairs. This is followed by the space between a lone pair and a bonding pair. Lastly, the least priority is given to two bonding pairs. Through this prioritization, the repulsion between these electron groups is minimized.

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Hydrogen sulfide, {eq}\rm H_2S {/eq}, has a total of 8 valence electrons, 1 from each H atom and 6 from the S atom. With hydrogen always being a...

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