Draw Lewis structures for SeF_4 and include all-electron lone pairs. Is the octet rule satisfied...


Draw Lewis structures for {eq}\displaystyle \rm SeF_4 {/eq} and include all-electron lone pairs. Is the octet rule satisfied in each case?

Lewis Structure:

There are several ways by which the connectivities of the atoms in a compound can be represented. One of these ways is through Lewis structure. In this representation, all the bonds and lone pairs of the compound are explicitly shown. To draw the Lewis structure of the compound, the following steps should be followed:

1. Count the total valence electrons.

2. Determine the central atom.

3. Connect the central atom using single bonds with each bond accounting for 2 electrons. Subtract the electrons used to form the bond from step 1.

4. Let the terminal atoms follow octet rule by placing lone pairs. Each lone pair is made up of 2 electrons. Subtract all these electrons from step 1 as well.

5. Place the remaining electrons in the central atom.

6. Check if all the atoms follow octet rules. If there are atoms with less than 8 electrons around them, form multiple bonds i.e. double bond or triple bond.

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To draw the Lewis structure of {eq}\rm SeF_4{/eq}, we follow the steps prescribed above.

1. There are a total of 34 valence electrons for the given...

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