Draw and explain the Lewis structure for the arsonium ion, AsH4+. Assign formal charges to all...


Draw and explain the Lewis structure for the arsonium ion, {eq}AsH_4^+ {/eq}. Assign formal charges to all atoms in the ion.

Lewis Structure:

A simple covalent chemical compound can be described as a single central atom bonded to multiple different peripheral atoms. These atoms share some number of valence electron pairs. Any unused valence electrons remain as non-bonding pairs localized on an atom . The bonding and non-bonding valence electron distribution is summarized in a Lewis structure. Sometimes formal charges are necessary on certain atoms, based on their starting number of valence electrons and the number of bonds they form. The Lewis structure may also include the molecular geometry.

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The arsonium ion is a compound cation with a central arsenic atom. Arsenic (As) on its own contains 5 valence electrons as a main group 5A element. It...

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