Does the work of Toni Morrison and Octavia Butler have any common themes or concerns? Show how....


Does the work of Toni Morrison and Octavia Butler have any common themes or concerns? Show how. Please, support your answer by quoting from Morrison's "Recitatif" and Butler's "Bloodchild, "Imago", and "The Evening and the Morning and the Night".

Themes In Literature:

Themes in literature are used to convey ideas and stories. Literature studies and analyses are used to interpret thematic content from short stories and books to provide meaning.

Answer and Explanation:

The work of Toni Morrison and Octavia Butler has common themes or race, cultural practice, and devaluation of women. The stories present characters that are trying to make their way in the world. In Recitaf, Morrison is interested in addressing race which leads the reader to try and stereotype concepts about white or black people to determine the racial identity of the characters. Literacy analysts look at the quote "My Mother danced all night and Roberta's was sick." (Morrision, 1983) to explain how the reader is motivated to assign certain behaviors to certain races (Sustana, 2019).

Bloodchild includes a dystopian short story using a genre of horror and thriller. In the story, the young protagonist is appalled at the gruesome way the people feed off of others. His brother tells him "Don't give me one of her looks. You're not her. You're just her property." (p.18). This demonstrates a gendered approach to viewing one's children as property.

He reminisces about his childhood with his brother, "He would let me follow him around when I was home...But something had happened when he reached adolescence. I never knew what. He back keeping out of T'Gatoi's way. Then he began running away--until he realized there was no "away." Not in the Preserve. Certainly not outside. After that, he concentrated on getting his share of every egg that came into the house and on looking for me in a way that made me all but hate him --a way that clearly said, as long as I was all right, he was safe from the Tlic." (p. 20). They talk of how gruesome the treatment of men is in how they are eaten and killed.

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