Discuss why it is important to visualize and draw molecules.


Discuss why it is important to visualize and draw molecules.


We can describe the field of chemistry as a specific branch of science that helps us understand, observe, and be knowledgeable about the substances, compounds, elements, or molecules in the environment. Chemistry helps us know the properties and the importance of a certain molecule to the environment and to living organisms.

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Chemistry will teach us to properly name a compound or molecule. It will also teach us how to correctly draw the structure of it. Visualizing and drawing the correct structure of the molecule is necessary to understand it. By visualizing and drawing the structure, it can show how the atoms are bonded with one another that can explain some of the properties of the molecule such as reactivity. It can help to understand how the molecule will behave or interact in a certain reaction. Visualizing and drawing molecules will also help us differ one molecule from another. The correct geometry of the molecule can also be observed by visualizing and drawing it.

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