Did James Madison live in the White House?


Did James Madison live in the White House?

Dolley Payne Todd Madison:

Dolley Payne was born in Virginia, but the family was forced to move to Philadelphia in 1783 due to financial issues. At the age of twenty-two, she married John Todd, and the couple had two children. In 1793, her husband and eldest son were killed by yellow fever, and on September 15, 1794, Dolley married James Madison. During the Jefferson Administration, she served as Jefferson's de facto first lady, and in March of 1809, she became first lady. As the British marched toward Washington in August of 1814, she is remembered for orchestrating the removal of several important items from the White House, most specifically Sullivan's portrait of President Washington.

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For most of his presidency, James Madison did live in the White House.

When Madison became president in March of 1809, he moved into the White House,...

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