Determine if the following reaction is S_N1 or S_N2.


Determine if the following reaction is SN1 or SN2.

{eq}S_N1 {/eq} and {eq}S_N2 {/eq} Reactions:

Nucleophilic substitution reactions ({eq}S_N1 {/eq} and {eq}S_N2 {/eq}) are reactions in which a molecule's substituent (known as the leaving group) is replaced with a new substituent (known as the nucleophile). There are two mechanisms by which nucleophilic substitution can occur. In the first order mechanism ({eq}S_N1 {/eq}), the reaction is initiated when the leaving group breaks away from the molecule. The result is a carbocation intermediate, which subsequently reacts with the nucleophile. In the second order mechanism ({eq}S_N2 {/eq}), the nucleophile attacks the molecule which causes the leaving group to break away.

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When determining if a nucleophilic substitution reaction will proceed via {eq}S_N1 {/eq} or {eq}S_N2 {/eq}, it is helpful to remember the...

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