Describe three basic decisions that must be addressed in the design of operations systems. for...


Describe three basic decisions that must be addressed in the design of operations systems. for each decision, what information do managers need to make that decision?

What is TQM? What are the major characteristics of TQM?

Total Quality Management

Total quality management is the process of detecting supply chain management, improves customer experience. In TQM all members of an organization are involve in improving products, processes, services and the culture in which they work.

Answer and Explanation:

Decisions on design of operations systems:

The three decision are given below.

1. Product: The unique product is important to attract the customer as they would always expect advance technology in their products.

2. Service: The service should be more innovate as it keep on changing according to the market trends.

3. Price : The demand of the product increases when it is with high quality and low price

The manager needs to makes these decision because the promotion of the product and service would happen in the market only when it satisfy on customer needs and wants and it should be affordable on price strategy.


The total quality management focus on satisfying the customers by providing on high quality product and services to sustain in the market for long duration.

Characteristics of TQM

1. Trust: The customer should be retained by the organization on providing quality product and service, so they can be retained and it build trust in promoting the brand.

2. Leadership: The leaders need to motivate and encourage their employees, so that it leads towards good work production with high quality as a result the product and services would get promoted in the market.

3. Teamwork: Team building and coordination is important on any kinds of work as that maintain a good quality on all as where all the members would be responsible towards their work.

4. Training: To produce on the quality the company needs to train on the employees as that makes them understand on the benefits and opportunities of quality improvement.

5. Ethics: The values, beliefs, attitude etc, play a major role in the organization, as the company can sustain in the market only by its ethical standard and as that impact on high quality.

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